Product Review: St. Croix Eyecon Rod/Shimano Symetre Reel Spinning Combo

News & Tips: Product Review: St. Croix Eyecon Rod/Shimano Symetre Reel Spinning Combo...

The other day I was re-organizing some gear, getting ready for another busy guide season that will be here quicker than I sometimes realize. I picked up one of my St.Croix spinning rod/Shimano spinning reel combos and was reminded what a splendid setup this has proven to be.

More specifically, this rod/reel pairing is a St. Croix Eyecon spinning rod, model ECS63MXF. It's a medium powered 6-foot, 3-incher with an extra fast action; the reel a Shimano Symetre 1000 with a front drag.

I have several of these outfits. They serve as workhorses in my river guide business. Though they see use in several applications, they particularly excel at working jig style baits along the bottom, like tube or hair jigs for smallmouth bass or jig-n-minnows for walleyes. They also do a great job on vertically-fished lures like jigging spoons and vibrating blade baits.

Besides its fishability, here are some other aspects I like about the combination:

  • Durability — I have had these outfits in service for two years, and haven't had a broken rod. And no issues with the reels other than standard lubrication needs. Understand that in the guiding business tackle is subjected to folks with limited fishing experience. Though not intentional it gets abused. Despite what I tell them, some anglers don't realize you can't wind the fish through the tip-top. It won't fit.
  • Lightweight — No problems with angler fatigue.
  • Smoothness — I get a lot of positive compliments from clients when they use these setups, not just from novices but experienced anglers, too. They know they have quality equipment in hand.

I spool the reels with 20-pound test Power Pro braided line, to which I add a fluorocarbon leader.

If you're looking to add a great jig rod or two to your arsenal this year, you'd do well to consider this rod/reel combination.

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