5 Tips to Get Live Fish Bait for Free

News & Tips: 5 Tips to Get Live Fish Bait for Free
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Live bait will often catch more fish.

Where allowed, live bait can be effective for catching freshwater and saltwater game fish during summer.

1. Use small bait catcher rigs, which are tiny #8 gold hooks adorned with pieces of bright plastic. The hooks are rigged in tandem, about 6 or 8 in line, and weighted at the end with a sinker.

2. Try vertical jigging the rig at places such as tail races below dams or other areas where baitfish congregate. Throw fishing nets can also catch plenty of bait fish.

3. You can set out crayfish traps baited with chicken necks or even go out and catch a bunch by hand.

4. Place a hollowed-out loaf of bread under a tarp and the next morning you should have plenty of crickets for fishing.

5. Take a hand net and head out to a field and catch a bunch of grasshoppers or go dig a can full of worms, then get out and go fishing.

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