Fall Fishing Tips and Tricks

News & Tips: Fall Fishing Tips and Tricks

If you weatherproof your house this fall, save a few pieces of self-adhesive weather stripping for your angling needs. When applied to the side of a boat or tackle box, the foam rubber stripping makes an excellent lure holder.

After a heavy rain, check for "mud lines" at the mouths of creeks flowing into lakes. Mud lines look like a dark cloud of water flowing into the clearer lake water. Fish know that muddy water carries food their way and they feed heavily along mud lines.

"Bigger baits catch bigger fish" is especially true in the fall. But, what if you're stuck on the water with only small minnows? Just put two minnows on your jig, sliding the hook up through the lips of both minnows. "Doubling up" on bait is a trick that often works in the fall.

Larry Whiteley is Host of the award-winning Outdoor World Radio