Fish Weed Lines for Hungry Game Fish

News & Tips: Fish Weed Lines for Hungry Game Fish

water fishing lily padsAny change in weed growth can create weed edges also known as weed lines and produced some good fishing. This is where the active fish like to gather. The weed line is a fish habitat. Game fish are attracted to weedbeds, because this is where their prey like baitfish, crayfish or leeches like to hide.

Weed line edges can occur in shallow water where weeds stop growing or edges can also be formed along steep drop offs near deep water or where weeds no longer grow. A weed line edge is the outer or inner edge of a bed of weeds. The outer edge is the maximum depth weeds will grow in a body of water and will vary depending upon the clarity of the body of water. Sunlight and water clarity are important and will determine the depth of the weed line edge.

Weed edges can also occur anywhere within a weedbed. One weed type near or surrounding another weed type can also form a weed edge. Holes or lanes caused by a hard bottom or changes in water depth are edges, too.

In summer, fishing deeper weed edge lines produce the best fish during the day or when weather conditions are unstable. Shallower weed line edges will produce good fishing in the early and late times of the day.

Learn to find and fish those weedbed edges, and it will make you a more successful angler.

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By Larry Whiteley, Host of the award winning
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