What’s Your Greatest Fishing Adventure Caught on Tape? (video)

News & Tips: What’s Your Greatest Fishing Adventure Caught on Tape? (video)...

The sport of fishing is traditionally known to be rife with big ol’ whoppers that dramatically recount a fish that was “THIS BIG,” or the stubborn sucker that a fisherman fought and fought until it ended up getting away.

Though the “Big Fish” story is almost synonymous with “not 100% accurate,” these stories add an element of lore and legend to the sport and give all of us a big catch to dream about.

For many fishermen, the legend surrounding the sport makes it all the more thrilling and gives us the motivation to catch that big fish so we have our own stories to tell. And better still? If your big moment comes and it’s caught on camera. After all, even the most incredible fishing feats can’t be dismissed as tall tales if they’re caught on tape!

Here are a few remarkable ones we came across:

On an outing on Lake Lanier in Georgia, a 10-year-old boy makes a monster catch with some help from his dad.

In this incredible video, a few Australian fishermen get quite the surprise when reeling in a huge marlin. (Warning, some adult language...though it’s tough to blame them)


In this video, young angler Rachel catches her very first fish!

So let us know: What are your most exciting fishing stories? And how about your greatest fishing adventures caught on tape?


Happy fishing!