How to Sit in a Tree Stand All Day Without Getting Bored

News & Tips: How to Sit in a Tree Stand All Day Without Getting Bored...

One of my favorite things to do once deer season is in full swing is to make an all day set in my treestand. Like the majority of hunters, I don't get as much time to do those kinds of sets due to working a full time job. That being said, at least a couple of times a year, I will take time off from my job to do just that. Some hunters will say that they can't sit that long without getting bored, and others may say that it's not necessary to sit that long to harvest a deer. It comes down to asking yourself if it really is worth putting in the effort to sit all day and if so how to do it without getting bored? Below are a few tips that might answer those questions.


deer 2bWhat Are the Benefits of Sitting in a Treestand All Day?

Encounter Deer That Other Hunters Are Missing - As a majority, most hunters will hunt until mid-morning. For example, around 10:00 a.m. deer movement usually gets slower as the morning progresses. However, if hunting an area where other hunters are nearby, a great time to see a spike in movement is when those hunters begin to get out of their treestand to head back to their vehicle or head back to camp. Staying in the stand when this begins mid-morning may push deer toward your location, allowing for more encounters with deer, when normally that wouldn't happen.

shop hunting banner2Deer Move All Day - As a rule of thumb, most hunters know that deer move the most during the mornings and evenings. However, when sitting all day there is an opportunity to see deer throughout the entire day, this is especially true when the rut is in progress. It is not uncommon to see mature bucks mid- day when they are in pursuit of an estrus doe. In my personal experience I have witnessed bucks checking scrapes, and what I call "cruising" mid-day. "Cruising" is when bucks walk the woods trying to wind a doe that might be in heat. I have made a few all day sets in my treestand and when the clock approached 1:30 p.m.,- 2:30 p.m., a time when I was not expecting to see much, I have witnessed several deer moving. On a typical hunting day, I would normally be getting into my stand around this time, which makes me question how many deer are spooked when going to the stand during this time of day.

1 arrow pointTip: When hunting all day there is less movement throughout the woods. This allows for a chance to see more of the "natural" deer movement in the area because of less pressure. 


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How to Hunt All Day Comfortably

Dress With All Day Weather In Mind -  The leading cause of hunters leaving a treestand or blind early is arguably due to getting wet and/or cold, this makes for an uncomfortable environment, thus resulting in calling it quits on a hunt earlier than planned. Choosing quality garments such as NOMAD Harvester Pants, which are wind and water resistance will keep hunters warm and dry, allowing for a comfortable all day sit. Another tip is to dress in layers, starting with an insulated jacket for early mornings and also to end with in late evenings, but wear warmer weather gear such as NOMAD'S Cooling 1/4 Zip T-Shirt for when the temperatures rise mid day. Hands and feet are the most important parts of the body to protect from the elements when trying to stay comfortable all day. Try wearing rubber boots, such as the Lacrosse Aerohead Sport Insulated/Waterproof hunting boots, these types of boots will keep feet warm while at the same time keeping them dry, pair this type of boot with a good quality glove such as the Nomad Harvester gloves and the comfort level of an all day hunt will improve drastically.

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Food and Drinks - The second leading cause of ending a hunt early is dealing with thirst and hunger. We are all guilty of thinking of a hot cup of coffee, or a steaming plate of biscuits and gravy when sitting in a treestand, make sure to take plenty of snacks and drinks to last all day.  Carrying a backpack such as a Tenzing TX 14 Day Pack is a great place to store extra clothes, binoculars, deer grunt calls and it is also great to carry water, coffee, as well as a sandwich and a few snacks to last all-day.

A few years ago, around 11:30 a.m. while still sitting in my treestand, I had just finished eating a bite for lunch when a mature buck came through at a fairly fast pace. I wasn't able to get a shot at the cruising buck, however, it did catch my attention and I spotted another buck traveling the same path as the first buck. After making a quick grunt call, the buck stopped at a mere 70 yards allowing me to make a successful shot with my rifle. If it wasn't for packing my lunch that day, I would have most likely been out of my deer stand around that time making me miss two of the best bucks I had encountered that year. Being comfortable, if it is by being dry and warm or keeping hunger pains under control with a few snacks is by far the best way to stay in the stand all day. Like in my mentioned hunt, one never knows when the chance of harvesting a mature buck will present itself.