How to Stay Warm in Your Deer Stand

News & Tips: How to Stay Warm in Your Deer Stand

In order to sit still among prime deer cover, a hunter must take extra steps to stay warm for the entire day. It’s a good idea to bring extra layers in a daypack along with snacks and a small thermos filled with the hot liquid of your choice.

A solid base layer system of polypropylene or Thermax long underwear is essential. Pair it with woolen shirts, pants, socks, and a jacket to provide good insulation. Don’t forget to pack a quality hat; much of your body heat can escape through your head.

Keep in mind that some hunters head back to camp around mid-morning or noon because they are cold or hungry. In the process, they may push deer your way. If you can avoid the temptation to get up and move to stay warm, you might be in the right spot at the right time.

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By Larry Whiteley, Host of the award winning
Outdoor World Radio