Hunting Deer Late in The Season

News & Tips: Hunting Deer Late in The Season

Look for areas that have received little disturbance since mid-season and secluded feeding areas. Areas that have had little to no hunting pressure are prime late season hunting hot spots.

If you have set blinds, stands, or areas that you or others typically hunt in your area, get away from them! Deer pattern people as much or more than people pattern deer.

Mature whitetail bucks know the weak spots in your “normal” game plan. They can walk across a property without being spotted, even if it means going across a wide open field where he knows you are not.

Consider hunting untraditional areas at untraditional times, especially during a full moon.During a full moon, deer move more during mid-day, and you might just surprise ole big boy!

Jerry Martin is a member of the
RedHead Pro Hunting Team