Indiana Deer Hunt

News & Tips: Indiana Deer Hunt

Steve Cobb DeerI just made it back from my Indiana deer hunt.

I hunted with Archery Extreme Outfitters in Vevay, Ind., right on the Ohio River. Vevay is a small Indiana town with beautiful scenery.

Months before the hunt, Shawn Brown, one of the outfitters, sent me numerous pictures of trophy bucks. I am from South Carolina and have harvested some nice bucks in our state but nothing of this size.

I practiced hard all summer long with my Mathews Creed in hoping for a chance at one of these large whitetails.

I also had the opportunity to video this hunt for HS Primetime Bucks video. My cameraman on this hunt was Brad Biddle. Brad and I met in Vevay and prepared for the evening hunt.

It’s early November, and deer movement was slow. The first evening we only saw a few does. The first morning was even slower, only seeing one deer. I sat in the stand until 2 p.m., got back in the stand at 3 p.m. and only saw two deer all day.

Of course, not seeing much activity, I was ready to move locations, but the guide said, “Hang in there; there’s big bucks in that area.”

The next morning, once we were in the stand just breaking daylight with barely enough camera light, a mature buck appeared, and I made a good shot at 7 yards. The Swhacker Broadhead did its work, and the blood trail was easy to follow.

All the action was recorded by Brad for HS Primetime Video (

My Indiana tag was filled, and back to South Carolina I go.

by Steve Cobb