Crappie Fishing Tips From Bill Dance

News & Tips: Crappie Fishing Tips From Bill Dance

bunch crappie 300Crappie can sometimes be caught on moving baits, but what they really like is food that’s doing nothing at all and just hanging there in one place and not moving.

This presentation takes patience and practice but it will increase your catch rate.Minnows and small jigs work great and use a thin, sensitive bobber to detect delicate strikes.

Small crappies are good practice, but if you want to catch slabs, get away from the little guys because the big ones aren’t likely to be among them. Most crappie anglers think they’ll find the big slabs in deep water but more often than not, you’ll find them in shallow water.

Crappie are special prizes because they are abundant and always ready for a tussle. It doesn’t hurt that, when rolled in cornmeal and deep fried, crappies are also delicious.

Bill Dance is host of "Bill Dance Fishing"