Ten Key Items to Pack for an Overnight Paddling Camping Trip

Canoe Camping

Does paddling a canoe or kayak down a river or across a crystal clear lake to a remote campsite sound like a weekend made in heaven? Well, what’s stopping you? Camping out of your canoe or kayak offers you that get-a-way you've been wanting and that feeling of freedom you've been chasing after.

shop bass proIf you’re already a camper, you probably have most of the gear you need, but a few specialty items will ensure your first overnight water-based camping trip is safe and enjoyable. We’ll leave it to you to have your own kayak or canoe … or to rent one where you’re headed. If its your first time packing your boat for an overnight stay on the water, you could be a little stressed. Here are some what to pack pointers and the ten key specialty items of camping gear you’ll need:

Kayak camping is very much like backpacking when it comes to the basic essentials you'll need for the lake, rivers and campfire. Below is a sample kayak camping packing list to get you started.

 1. Ascend Heavy-Duty Round-Bottom Dry Bag

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Ascend Heavy-Duty Round-Bottom Dry Bag

The biggest difference between paddle camping and canoe camping is you’ll want to pack everything in dry bags. If you go over or if the skies open up on you, you’ll still be able to put on dry clothes, eat tasty food, and set up a snug, dry camp. Get heavy duty bags in several sizes to accommodate all of your gear. That way they’ll serve double duty for your land-based camping trips, too. Rugged dry bags are always a good idea!








2. Manual Inflatable Life Vest

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Life Vest Auto Manual Bass Pro Shops Inflatable
Shop Bass Pro Shops AM24 Auto/Manual Inflatable Life Vest









You should wear a life vest any time you’re on the water no matter what kind of craft you’re using – but especially when you’re in a canoe or kayak. And yes, they can be constricting. And yes, they can be too hot. And yes, they can be uncomfortable. So even though they are a bit more expensive than regular life jackets, inflatables are more than worth the money if it gets you to wear a PFD ALL the time! A quick pull of the handle inflates the vest and provides instant buoyancy.

3. Cabela's Camp Cot

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Camp Cot Cabelas
Cabela's Camp Cot



Comfort, enjoyment, and even safety on a paddling camping trip requires you be healthy and well-rested. You won’t be if you don’t get a good night’s sleep. Sleeping on the ground – even with a good pad – makes that an iffy proposition. The answer is a good camping cot. The Cabela's® Camp Cot makes roughing it at the campsite or hunting camp a little less rough. Made of a heavy-duty, PVC-backed, 600D oxford nylon, this cot offers a roomy 72.8"Lx24"W surface to sleep on. Designed to support up to 300 lbs. Combine it with a good sleeping pad and you may get your best nights’ sleeps ever.

4. Cabela's Standard Sleeping Pad

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Sleeping Pad Cabelas
Cabela's Standard Sleeping Pad

 Whether you combine it with a good camping cot or just deploy it on the ground, a quality sleeping pad makes all the difference. Boasting an R-value of 5, our Cabela's® Standard Sleeping Pad is self-inflating and ultra-comfortable so you can get a good night's sleep, even if you're sleeping on the cold, hard ground. Self-inflating wave foam delivers 2" of comfortable cushioning. The 70-denier polyester top and 150-denier polyester oxford bottom stand up well to hard use.

5. Bass Pro Shops Eclipse Hawksbill 30-degree Sleeping Bag

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Sleeping Bag Eclipse BPS
 Bass Pro Shops Eclipse Hawksbill 30-degree Sleepign Bag

Most paddling camping trips – especially first-time trips – take place during the summer (definitely when the water is not solid!). You want a sleeping bag that will keep you warm on the chilliest night you may encounter, but with the ability to vent for warmer temps, too. A good bag rated down to 40 or 30 degrees Fahrenheit and with zip open options is an excellent choice. Or consider an even lighter bag, but throw in an extra blanket just in case.

6. Giant Bone Sponge

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Giant Bone Sponge

It’s a tiny detail piece of gear, but makes a big impact on comfort. When you’re out in the kayak for hours on end, you’re going to ship some water. If you have a sponge or a chamois handy, you can soak it up before it builds up and starts to wet things you don’t want wet. A big absorbent sponge like this should just be part of your every trip paddling kit.

7. Waterproof Phone Gobag

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Waterproof Phone Bag Gobag
Gobag Waterproof Magnetic Self-Sealing Dry Bag

As much as we might want to unplug, bringing your phone on a paddling camping trip is just plain smart. It will serve as GPS, weather forecaster, late night reading, and entertainment if you get stuck in your tent in the rain. Even smarter is protecting that phone no matter how wet things get. This waterproof electronics bag protects your device at depths of 100' while a magnetic double seal keeps out every last spec of sand. The GoBag Waterproof Magnetic Self-Sealing Dry Bag outperforms ordinary phone dry bags thanks to its touchscreen-ready design, so you can touch the screen, buttons, and switches directly and easily through the GoBag.

8. Ascend Red Lodge 4 Four-Person Dome Tent

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4 Person Tent BPS
Bass Pro Shops Eclipse Voyager 4-Person Tent with Screen Porch

If you’re looking for true comfort in a camping tent, the rule is to divide the stated size of the tent by two. So this four-person tent will be really comfortable for two adults and their gear even through a long, rainy weekend. The Bass Pro Shops Eclipse Voyager 4-Person Tent provides a 9' x 7' sleeping area.

9. Bass Pro Shops Headlamp

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headlamp LED 2pk BPS 002
Bass Pro Shops 2-Pack LED Headlamps

A good headlamp should be on the basic gear list for ANY camper, but especially for canoeing and kayaking campers. If you ever find yourself out on the water after dark, you’ll need your hands for paddling. Putting a light or lantern on the bow in front of you isn’t a good option either, because it’s only going to shine straight ahead, and you may need light to the side. Also, plan ahead for the time in camp and select a headlamp with a red lens option so you are blazing your fellow campers’ eyes with a bright white beam.

10. Lifestraw Go 2-Stage Filtered Water Bottle

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Lifestraw Go 2-Stage Filtered Water Bottle

No matter where you go paddling, you can justifiably look around you and say, “Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink.” At least, not without filtering. The Lifestraw Go Bottle changes all that. You can fill the bottle with water from about anywhere you’re paddling, insert the 2-stage filter element, and drink out of the flip up straw at the top – protected from impurities, bacteria, and protozoa.