Gift Buying Guide for the Car Campers on Your List

Gift Guide for Car Campers

In America, there are far more weekend car campers who camp within a few feet of their vehicles than there are “adventure campers” who put camp on their backs and hike off into the wilderness - actually more than three times as many. That makes the chances very strong that you have at least one – probably more – car campers on your gift list. Here are some great items that will be appreciated by those car campers – young and old, experienced and neophyte.

rogue-expedition-cotRogue Expedition Ultralight Low Profile Camp Cot

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Nothing shows love to a camper more than the gift of a good night’s sleep. And once you’ve slept on a quality camping cot, you’ll never think about going back to thin foam pads or air mattresses on the hard ground. The Rogue Expedition Camp Cot folds down to a low profile and compact size to fit in an easy-carrying zippered bag (which is included). The strong steel frame will support a load of up to 300 pounds.



ascend-spell-30-sleeping-bagAscend Spell 30° Rectangular Sleeping Bag

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One advantage of car camping over backpacking is the room to bring gear that’s truly comfortable as well as functional. Nowhere is that more evident than in sleeping bags. Part of the allure of a mummy style bag is compact size and lightweight … but compared to sleeping in a roomy rectangular bag? Let’s just say that for comfort, the bigger, heavier bag wins. A 30° bag like the Ascend Spell Rectangular sleeping bag is the perfect choice for all-around tent camping. It’s warm enough to handle some cool nights, but not too warm for all but the hottest summer evenings when you’ll sleep on top of any bag anyway.



bass-pro-shops-eclipse-30-kids-sleeping-bagBass Pro Shops Eclipse 30° Rectangular Sleeping Bag for Kids

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Every camper, no matter of age, needs his or her own sleeping bag. The Bass Pro Shops Eclipse sleeping bag for kids offers warmth and comfort equal to adult bags, but with down-sized a down-sized footprint junior campers will appreciate … and a downsized price tag you’ll enjoy. This is the perfect crossover kids’ sleeping bag for tent or trailer camping and for all those “sleep overs” to come. Size is 25” x 54”. Weight is 2 lbs. 9 oz. It comes with its own stuff sack.



Kamp-rite-double-tent-cot-with-rain-flyKamp-Rite Double Tent Cot with Rain Fly

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The Kamp-Rite Double Tent Cot is a unique combination of 2-person tent and double cot offers incredible versatility for the car camper. Out of the trunk, it sets up in seconds as a tent elevated 11 inches off the ground on sturdy comfortable cots. Yet the tent portion can be zipped off and used as a traditional ground tent, as well. The bottom base cot can then be used separately as a one- or two-person sleeping cot. Weight capacity is 550 pounds. Bed size is 84”L x 52”W and tent size is 84”L x 55”W x 61”H.



bass-pro-shops-50-lumen-rechargeable-clip-lightBass Pro Shops 50 Lumen Rechargeable Clip Light

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When you’re camping you can never have enough extra lights. And a light that works as well in the tent as outdoors is always a bonus. Make it rechargeable so you don’t have to constantly worry about replacing batteries … and it’s a win, win, win. The Bass Pro Shops 50 Lumen Rechargeable Clip light has a built in clip allowing you to easily hang it from the peak of your tent to allow hands free illumination of practically anything. Uses a rechargeable Ni-NH batter with a 2-hour charge time and 6-hour run time. The light recharges in any auto lighter or 12V socket.



lifestraw-go-filtered-water-botleLifeStraw Go 2-Stage Filtered Water Bottle

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Water filtration has become so easy, convenient, portable, and inexpensive there’s no reason to go camping without it … or anywhere for that matter. The epitome of that convenience is the LifeStraw Go 2-Stage Filtered Water Bottle. It’s a water bottle with a built-in 2-stage filtration system. Stage One is a hollow fiber membrane that captures dangerous bacteria, protozoan parasites, and impurities down to 0.2 microns. Stage 2 is a replaceable carbon capsule to reduce chlorine and other chemical matter for better smelling and tasting water. It all comes in the standard water bottle design that goes everywhere.



bass-pro-shops-2-burner-high-output-propane-stoveBass Pro Shops 2-Burner High Output Propane Stove

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Cooking over a campfire is a romantic idea. Certainly, it can be done. But when you’re car camping with only the weekend to spare, there are so many activities to enjoy, you don’t want to take up all your time lighting and preparing a fire for cooking. Not when you can set up the Bass Pro Shops 2- Burner camp stove on the picnic table, screw in a 1 lb. propane tank, light it and be ready to cook in a minute. This stove delivers up to 25,000 BTU on each burner instantly. It’s built solid with rugged cooking grates to handle even heavy cast iron. Windscreens allow for easy lighting and consistent output.



bass-pro-shops-5-piece-cook-setBass Pro Shops  5-Piece Cook Set

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Collecting the gear from your kitchen. Figuring out which pots and pans will work on your camp stove. Boxing up the clumsy collection. Keeping track of them at camp. Getting them home safely. It’s enough to make you say, “Not worth it. We’ll just eat hot dogs and marshmallows.” Dedicated camping cookware that’s always ready to go when you are is a wonderful convenience. This 5-piece cooking set collection from Bass Pro Shops has everything you need for a weekend of camping cuisine. There are a 4.7 qt. pot, a 3.2 qt. pot, a 1.6 qt. fry pan and two multi-purpose lids.



red-head-the-hunt-folding-sawRedHead The Hunt Folding Saw

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Any time you’re camping, it’s a great convenience to have a limb saw with you. Yet it’s among the most forgotten camping items. The solution is to have a dedicated saw that stays with your camping gear. The RedHead Folding Saw is perfect for trimming branches, cutting the occasional piece of firewood, clearing the errant bit of brush from a tent site. The 6-inch blade is made from M65 steel with wide, double-beveled teeth for pinch free cutting.



black-diamond-wool-beanieBlack Diamond Wool Beanie

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Beyond a good sleeping bag, the next most important item for staying warm for a night in the tent is a good wool stocking cap like the Black Diamond Wool Beanie found at Keeping your scalp covered with an insulating layer will keep heat in your body allowing your sleeping bag to achieve it’s full potential. Merino wool is the way to go. It naturally fights odors and breathes exceptionally well so you won’t overheat. Just keep a wool stocking cap rolled up in your sleeping bag so it’s always there when you need it.