Fixed vs Mechanical: Select the Best Broadhead (infographic)

Hunting bow & broadhead

Hang around any hunting camp long enough and you’re likely to catch wind of a heated debate: which is more effective, fixed-blade or mechanical broadheads?

Some hunters opt for the traditional reliability and durable construction of fixed-blade broadhead, while others prefer the speed and accuracy of the mechanical broadhead. Technological advances to both types indicate that this debate is not going away anytime soon.  However, by matching your needs and preferences to the benefits each option provides, you should be able to choose the best broadhead for your next hunt.

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We've put together a fixed blade vs mechanical blade comparison chart below for quick reference. Some differences between the two types of broadheads that standout are:

  1. Mechanical broadheads are best for: widest cutting diameter, are less affected by crosswinds, can be easily tuned, can allow for smaller arrow diameter and, they work best on fast bows.
  2. Fixed Blade broadheads are best for: big bone and thick hide, are the most durable, they can be sharpened and, they can also shoot through mesh on a blind.

Click here to view a full-size, printable comparison broadhead infographic.

Broadhead Graphic Sized


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