5 Steps to Bow Shooting Basics: Stance & Grip Tactics (infographic + video)

News & Tips: 5 Steps to Bow Shooting Basics: Stance & Grip Tactics (infographic + video)...

Whether you're looking to go deer or turkey hunting with a bow, wanting to learn how to bowfish or just want to learn archery skills, using the right technique is the most important thing you can do. So we put together this helpful graphic that shows you how to stand, grip, draw, hold and release correctly. Getting these skills right will help you hit your target.

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Remember, practice makes perfect. So take the time to learn each step and get comfortable with bow shooting before going out on the hunt.

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TIP: Watch video at the end of this article about Bow Hunting: The Physics of Archery

If you are looking for more information on bow hunting and archery, check out these videos on bow equipment, technique and accessories as well as the bow accessory buying guide.

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Click here to see a larger view of the Bow Shooting Basic Stance & Grip Tactics infographic.

Bow Shooting stance & grip tactics showing how to place your feet, how to grip, how to draw the bow & release the arrow.


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