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 Five Questions for Edwin Evers 

Christmas is  upon us. Stockings will be stuffed and so will all of those pesky relatives coming over eating your food and consuming your best scotch. In the spirit of the season, Bass Pro Shops pro extraordinaire Edwin Evers is stepping up and giving to the Pros4- 1Souce fans this season. His gift? Why answering Five Questions of course. 

1Source- Many Italian families in the USA celebrate the Feast of the Seven Fishes on Christmas Eve. If you could, what seven fish would you catch on Christmas Eve?

EE - I'd catch a largemouth from Falcon Lake. A smallmouth from the Great Lakes. Probably a spotted bass from the Alabama River. A peacock bass from Brazil. I'd catch a tarpon off the coast of Georgia. A redfish on topwater off the Chandelier Islands out of Biloxi, Mississippi. Probably another smallmouth out of a small stream in Missouri.

1Source - What is the worst fishing related Christmas gift you've received?

EE - Not sure I've had a worst, but any fishing item ever shown on an infomercial my mom has purchased it for me. Let's leave it at that.

1Source - Santa works one day per year. If you could only fish one day per year where would it be and why? Evers Onstage

EE - That is a really hard question. It would need to be during the full moon in the spring on the Great Lakes when the smallmouth bass are spawning. It is no challenge. They are shallow and super aggressive. You can really catch them.

!Source - If Santa's sleigh was a fishing boat, what would he be flying?

EE - A red, white and blue Nitro Z9 with a 250 Mercury. Without a doubt, that would be Santa's rig.

1Source - If you could go anywhere for Christmas where would that be?

EE - I know this may sound corny, but I would stay home with my family. It is my favorite place to be. I love them.