Fishing Tip: Fish Windy Banks for Bass

News & Tips: Fishing Tip: Fish Windy Banks for Bass...

If you want to catch bass fishing windy days in early spring, find windy banks. Many times, you’ll find that these areas hold the warmest available water on the lake you’re fishing. Baitfish will usually be found there, and of course, bass are going to be there too.

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A great way to eliminate water is to run a windy bank using your graph or depthfinder to see whether baitfish are congregated there. If so, you can expect to duplicate that pattern on similar areas the rest of the day. You also should use a surface temperature gauge to find the warmest available water.

Try slow trolling a spinnerbait or use a crankbait with a tight wobble to locate the bass. After you catch a few, you can switch to a jig ’n’ pig and fish more slowly.

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By Larry Whiteley, Host of the award winning Outdoor World Radio