Mike Iaconelli Shares Fun Tips for Summer Bass

Mike Iaconelli at Work by Mike Iaconelli at Work

Summer fun with Ike

Berkley fishing tackle pro Mike Iaconelli is an icon in the world of professional fishing, known for his exuberant yelling even when hooking and landing fish of a somewhat diminutive stature. Of course, Iaconelli is also famous for his multiple tour-level wins, Angler of the Year title and Bassmaster Classic victory.

Ike articleSo, what type of bass fishing does Mike like when he's not chasing bass for bucks? Think small, nearly inaccessible public waters. Yep, the stuff everybody can fish, even if you don't have a bass boat.

Less pressure equals better bass fishing.

"I loved fishing the small waters in New Jersey," said Iaconelli. "You can find these small public waters all over the country. Not the places right off the highway, but spots you need to walk to get to or only a small aluminum boat or canoe can access it.

"Not just little ponds or creeks. You can fish these spots on larger bodies of water. Those locations way back under bridges and backwaters where a guy won't take his $70,000 bass boat.

"These low pressure areas are great. They can offer magical fishing moments. My magic place is the "Tick Hole" in northern Jersey. There's such limited pressure there. You can catch up to 100 bass on topwaters at times."

Basic tactics mixed with fun presentations are tops in Iaconelli's arsenal when playing on small water.

"Stick with tried and true approaches," said Iaconelli. "Look for areas of change. Transition spots. Visible changes, different shore cover, objects in the water.

"Also if you have limited time, remember to fish low light. Early morning or late afternoon into the evening. Those are almost always the best times during the summer months."Then fish exciting baits, like frogs, poppers, and buzzbaits or get out a big swimbait. It's time to have fun."

Iaconelli also suggests taking time to learn different techniques while out and about this summer.

"I love fishing with light line when I don't have to get fish in the boat for money," said Iaconelli. "There is something so fun about light gear. Of course learning how to use it properly can help you if you are a tournament angler or just want to improve your overall skills.

"Also commit to trying a new techniques this summer. Pick out something you're not good at fishing and stick with it until you learn it.

"I did that this fall with spy baits. I went out of my way to learn how to use it. I only rigged with them. Now I know how to properly apply them.

"You start as the student of the technique and you develop into the master."

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