4 Fishing Vibration Tricks to Catch More Bass

News & Tips: 4 Fishing Vibration Tricks to Catch More Bass...

bass tricks1. A fishing trick to use in stained or muddy water or at night when bass can’t see as well is to use big lures that displace water and create good vibrations.

2. Another trick some fishermen use is to put a little more bend in the blade of a spinnerbait to make it throb more intensely and make more noise as it moves through the water.

3. Maybe the best trick I can give you, though, is to slow down your retrieve. Believe it or not, a slow moving bait will actually send out more heavy vibrations than a fast moving bait will.

4. The final trick is to use darker colored baits in low visibility situations. When their sight is restricted, dark colors stand out better. Actually, it is not the color that catches bass in these situations anyway; it is the vibration of the bait.

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By Larry Whiteley, Host of the award winning
Outdoor World Radio