Shady Ways to Catch Bass on a Hot Day

News & Tips: Shady Ways to Catch Bass on a Hot Day

Shade fishing is important for catching bass on hot summer days usually in July and August. And, catching big bass in the late summer is not as difficult as you might think.

bass shade fishingBass are really no different than us when it gets hot. They're going to seek the coolest spot they can find, and sometimes that’s in deeper water or where spring fed streams run into the lake, but sometimes it’s shady areas.

Troll along banks looking for shaded areas, and then hit those spots three or four times before moving on. You can cover a lot of water fishing this way, and your strikes per cast ratio will greatly improve.

Also try these shady areas: cast by bridges, boat docks, and standing trees in the water.

You can fish in the sun 6 inches out of a shadow and not take a hit. However, the moment you cast your bait into the middle of the shade, it might be instantly engulfed by a bass trying to stay cool in the shade on a hot summer day.

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By Larry Whiteley, Host of the award winning
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