Catching Smallmouth After the Spawn Fishing Tips

News & Tips: Catching Smallmouth After the Spawn Fishing Tips...

Immediately following the spawn is not usually a productive time for catching smallmouth bass. They are exhausted from the rigors of courtship and tend to be a little fickle. But they can still be caught.

  1. A 6-foot ultralight spinning rig spooled with 6-pound line is ideal for catching these skittish fish in clear water.

  2. Think big baits too. Spawning is hard, time-consuming work. The fish are hungry. Now is no time for miniscule baits. You might not catch as many fish as you will with smaller baits, but you will catch bigger fish.

  3. Target tailout pools, riffles, and chutes, and don’t ignore seams, eddies, and particularly points where feeders enter a main creek.

It won’t be easy, but when you have a big fighting smallmouth on the end of your line, it will be worth it.

Stacey King is a member of the Bass Pro Shops Pro Fishing Team