6 Tips to Finding Bass Fishing Hotspots

News & Tips: 6 Tips to Finding Bass Fishing Hotspots...

Finding bass hotspots can make the average angler better than the rest.  Fishing expert Stacey King, member of the Bass Pro Shops® & NITRO Boats National Fishing team lists his advice on the best places to find bass this season. 

  1. Learn the hotspots where bass seek optimum habitat in which to deposit their eggs, you’ll catch more bass than the average angler.

  2. Back ends of creeks and coves are always good places to start and they are usually always good when situated along northern banks that receive plenty of sun.

  3. If your favorite lake has lily pads, remember that they are not just great bass cover but they commonly spawn on the roots of the pads.

  4. Shallow flats and points that grow thick with aquatic vegetation can be good if there are open areas that bass can use for nesting sites.

  5. Look for pea-gravel bottoms usually found in creek arms and coves on the lower or deeper ends of reservoirs. Bass love to spawn in these areas.

  6. Spring rains often flood shoreline bushes that were high and dry during the winter drawdown. The firm bottom and protective cover attract spawning bass.