Shaky Head Fishing: When In Doubt, Shake It Out

News & Tips: Shaky Head Fishing: When In Doubt, Shake It Out...

shaky head 1The shaky head is a tried-and-true, tournament-proven bass catching technique. A shaky head is basically a jig head paired with a finesse worm. The shaky head will catch fish under almost any conditions, but it excels when the bite is tough. When faced with adverse fishing conditions, the shaky head is my No. 1 go-to rig. Let’s discuss the shaky head rig in detail, starting with the basic equipment you will need.

Fishing Equipment

Fishing a shaky head requires a very simple setup. I prefer a 7’ medium action spinning rod, paired with a small spinning reel. I most frequently use 8-lb. test fluorocarbon but occasionally drop down to 6-lb. test. A 1/8-ounce shaky head will get the job done on most occasions, but sometimes a 3/16-ounce is required for deeper water or windy conditions. Worm selection is also pretty simple. A straight tail 4- to 7-inch finesse worm is all that is necessary. Keep the colors pretty basic, as well. Black and green pumpkin colored worms will suffice. 

Shaky Head Presentation

Fishing a shaky head is similar to fishing a Texas-rigged worm. In fact, many fish will bite on the initial fall of the bait. I prefer to drag the shaky head along the bottom. I try to mimic a crayfish as much as possible with the shaky head. At times, I will raise my rod to the twelve o’clock position and give it a few twitches. Specifically, I “shake” the worm more when it comes into contact with underwater cover. Rocks, lay downs, grass, brush and docks are all good types of cover to cast a shaky head around. 

In Conclusion

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The shaky head is a simple, cost-effective way to put more fish in your boat. It requires a very basic spinning rod and reel outfit, light line, jig heads and small finesse worms. All of these items can be purchased at Bass Pro Shops for around $100. The shaky head is not only a great rig for someone who is just beginning to fish, but is also a tournament-proven technique. The shaky head is versatile and can be fished in both shallow and deep water around almost every type of cover. If you haven’t already, give the shaky head a try. I am confident it will help you catch more fish!

by Jeff Aul, Bass Pro Shops 1Source