Power Shakin’ Tip: Shaky Head Rig for Bass Fishing

News & Tips: Power Shakin’ Tip: Shaky Head Rig for Bass Fishing...

Power Shakin' gearThe shaky head rig is often thought of as a light-line, finesse approach to bass fishing. Although this is true, the shaky head rig can also be a heavy-line, power-fishing technique. YUM has the Pumpkin’Ed jighead. The jighead comes in 1/4 oz., 3/8 oz. and 5/8 oz. sizes, with hooks ranging in size from 3/0-6/0. Pair this jighead with the Yum F2 MightEE Worm, and now you are power shakin’!

Fishing Equipment

Power shakin’ requires some pretty beefy equipment. You will want a 7’ to 7 ½’ medium-heavy action rod. A fast action on the tip of the rod is preferred so as not to pull the bait away from the fish when you get a bite. You really want the tip of the rod to have some give, but you also want substantial strength in the rod for setting the hook. Typically, I power shake with 16-lb. to 20-lb. fluorocarbon line and a fast 7:1 ratio baitcasting reel. 

How and Where to Fish Power Shaking

I catch the majority of my bass power shaking around brush piles and on creek channel ledges. When fishing ledges, I simply like to drag the jighead across rock, wood and shellbeds. When fishing brush piles, I like to drag the jighead into contact with the piles, and then I will shake/hop the worm around the brush pile. The bite on this set up is usually pretty fierce. They really knock the stew out of this thing. 

Don’t be shy when setting the hook. You will want a powerful hook set to get the big hook through the mouth of the fish. I’ve caught several 3- to 5-lb. fish, usually this technique. While it may appear unorthodox, the slow fall and vertical upright presentation really gives the fish something they don’t see very much and oftentimes cannot resist!


by Jeff Aul, Bass Pro Shops 1Source