Bass Pro Shops Christmas Gift Guide for Kids Who Are Excited About Archery

News & Tips: Bass Pro Shops Christmas Gift Guide for Kids Who Are Excited About Archery...

You may have noticed a particular spike in your annual Christmas shopping list. Why are all these youngster’s asking for bows, arrows, and archery accessories? Mockingjay — Part 1, the next in the series of Hunger Games movies, is about to open. And it’s showing every sign of breaking all kinds of box office records. Kids love the Hunger Games books and movies in which the heroine and of her cohorts are expert archers. Bass Pro Shops is catering to the huge interest in archery stirred by the Hunger Games with a lineup of gifts that will be the most popular ones under the tree.

Warrior Princess Toy Archery Set

Is there a youngster on your list who longs to be like heroine Katniss Everdeen in the Hunger Games? Inspire her imagination with the Warrior Princess Toy Archery Set. A real 34-inch fiberglass bow and 12-inch arrows are scaled perfectly for kids. Safety arrows are made on wooden dowels with soft rubber tips that stick to almost any flat surface. There’s even a plastic quiver for carrying and storing arrows. Recommended for target shooting only by ages 6-plus with adult supervision. $19.99 

Big Game Jr. Archery Set

If the budding young archers-to-be on your list are inspired by shooting a bow and arrow, then the Big Game Jr. Archery Set is the right choice! A real 39-inch fiberglass camo bow and camo arrows are perfect for supervised backyard adventures of even the youngest archers. The arrows are made from wooden dowels with soft rubber tips that stick to most flat surfaces. The set includes a target to hone shooting skills. Recommended for target shooting only by ages 6-plus with adult supervision. $24.99

Genesis® Pro Compound Bow Package for Youth

If your gift-giving hallmark is only giving the very best, then the Genesis® Pro Compound Bow Package for Youth fits your M.O. This is the package that sets the standard for competition-quality youth compound bows. Genesis® bows have been the standard for National Archery in the Schools Program competitors for years. Genesis bows are famed for their wide latitude in growing with the growing archer. Draw length is adjustable from 15 to 30 inches. Draw weight ranges from 15 to 25 pounds. In fact, it’s so versatile the whole family can shoot this bow. Package includes a 3-pin sight, arrow rest, four Easton Genesis V2 arrows, and a 4-arrow quiver. $259.99

Bear® Archery Crusader Youth Bow Package

The basics of archery are best learned with simple gear that doesn’t confuse the beginner with lots of distractions. The Bear® Archery Crusader Youth Bow Package is an excellent choice. This package includes a 51-inch bow, two Safetyglass arrows, an armguard, hip quiver, finger tab, and target. The bow works equally well for right-handed or left-handed shooters. Draw length is from 20 to 28 inches. Draw weight is from 10 to 20 pounds. This bow package is recommended for target shooting ages nine and older under adult supervision. $29.99

RedHead® Youth Bow Case

Every archer who owns a bow needs a good case for it. The RedHead Youth Bow Case is the perfect choice to store and protect valuable archery gear. This durable 600D case protects any junior-sized bow with its thick interior padding. It includes a roomy 28-inch arrow pocket and an accessory pocket with room for other critical gear. At the range, the case is a base of operations to keep gear organized and in one place. That’s important with lots of kids and activity around. The Redhead® Youth Bow case is so well thought out, it even comes with oversized zipper pulls for easy opening and closing even with gloved hands. $24.99 

Morrell® NASP Youth Archery Target

Don’t know what NASP is? Ask the young archers on your list! The National Archery in the Schools Program has exploded on the scene with hundreds of thousands of kids introduced and even competing in target archery. Local NASP programs are frequently turning out young archers with legitimate Olympic dreams. Inspire the young archers on your list to greatness with the Morrell® NASP Youth Archery Target. This is the official size target in a lightweight, easily portable version that’s ideal for younger archers. Arrow removal is easy with one hand. Targets on both faces for added shooting life. Dimensions are 28”x28”x10”. $39.99 

Neet Products® Tube Quiver for Youth

Every archer who shoots at the range should have a hip quiver. It provides great convenience and safety in carrying and organizing arrows, and keeping them within easy reach. Arrows in the same place, within instinctive reach at all times, help train mental discipline and focus. The shooter doesn’t have to “think” where his or her arrows are. The motion of grabbing and nocking becomes second nature. Neet Products® Tube Quiver is the target archery standard, so it makes a great, inexpensive stocking stuffer. Works for right or left hand carry. $13.99

Scott® Archery Hero Bow Release for Youth

The short compound bows, so often seen today, demand the use of a release to prevent string pinch and to ensure accurate arrow flight. The Scott® Archery Hero Release is a top-quality trigger-style release, but downsized for smaller youth and female hands. The nylon strap connector offers easy and infinite adjustment. The knurled trigger provides superior grip and versatility. String torque is virtually eliminated for clean, consistent release and arrow flight. Available in black and pink or black and blue. $44.99 

Tru-Fire® Bullseye Junior Pink Bow Release

Girls love shooting a bow, too! And they demand the same quality and performance from their gear as the guys do, but some still prefer that extra touch of femininity in their equipment. If your beloved archer is a girl’s girl, chances are she’ll love the Tru-fire® Bullseye Junior Pink Bow Release. Dual caliper jaws and 360-degree head rotation virtually eliminate string torque. Super wide mouth makes for quiet, easy loading. It’s built with hardened steel components with adjustable tension trigger pull. Strap is comfortable brushed pink camo with two length adjustment holes. Works for right-handed or left-handed shooters. $29.99 

Carbon Express® Thunder Express Pink Arrows for Girls

Your budding young archery princess will love shooting her own pink arrows at the range. The Carbon Express® Thunder Express Pink Arrows are quality fiberglass arrows 26 inches long with a bright pink finish that’s easy to spot in the bullseye as well as those learning shots that don’t exactly end up in the middle! They come in 3-packs, equipped with target points for perfect balance and easy removability from all types of targets. $15.99 

Easton® Genesis V2 Arrows Easton®

Genesis V2 Arrows are the only arrows approved by the National Archery in the Schools Program governing body. If your young archer is going to compete, these are the arrows he or she will need to do it. They are made of 7075 aerospace alloy with a guaranteed straightness of plus or minus .005 inches and a weight tolerance of plus or minus 2.5 percent. Length is 29 ½ inches in blue or orange finish. Sold in packs of six of one color. $31.99 

Bear® Archery Brave Youth Bow Set

When it’s time to put aside the toys and get the first “real” bow for your young archer, the Bear® Archery Brave Youth Bow Set is a great choice. Recommended for ages eight and up, this versatile package includes two Safetyglass arrows, two-piece quiver, armguard, finger tag, Whisker Biscuit arrow rest, and a one-pin sight. All models offer peak draw weight ranges from 15 to 20 pounds and adjustable draw lengths from 13 ½ to 19 inches. Available in black, pink, and Realtree APG right-handed models only. $64.99 - $94.99 

Bear® Archery Lil’ Brave 2 Recurve Bow Package

“Simple. A bow package a youngster can growth with.” That perfectly describes the Bear® Lil’ Brave 2. It’s 47 inches long with a 7-inch brace height with an ideal 16- to 24-inch draw length and 8- to 21-pound draw weight. Best of all, it’s a true recurve – the kind of bow that propelled Fred Bear himself to worldwide success . The set includes a one-pin sight, quiver, arrow rest, armguard, finger tab and two Safetyglass arrows. $59.99 

Fred Bear® Lit’l Brave Arrows

Real arrows for real practice and real results. Fred Bear Lit’l Brave arrows are 24-inch fiberglass youth arrows with 3-inch plastic vanes and steel target points. Shipped in 3-packs, black with white and yellow vanes (colors may vary). $15.99 

Easton Archery® Beginner Recurve Bow Kit

Carefully wrapped under the tree, you’re giving the gift of an introduction to a lifetime recreational pursuit. The Easton Recurve bow is a perfect starter for any young archer. This true, quality recurve bow has an easy 10- to 20-pound draw weight and a draw length up to 26 inches, and it’s made in the USA. It works equally well for right-handed or left-handed shooters. $99.99