Introducing the BlackOut NV-3: Our Most Exciting Bow Yet

Introducing the BlackOut NV-3

The NV-3 is here, and we are excited! The NV-3 is Blackout’s latest flagship bow and our most technologically advanced offering yet.

The excitement we feel for the NV-3 resonates not simply from the bow itself, but from the lineage from which it arises. The NV-3 builds on the incredible success of the NV-32, keeping the same incredible value proposition while infusing the latest in technology and performance attributes.

What follows is a breakdown of the NV-3 and why it is such a breakthrough for bowhunters and precision archers. The article is divided into two sections. The first describes on the performance and value proposition of the NV-3 itself and the second focuses the evolution of the Blackout NV line.

NV-3 The Picture of Performance, Innovation and Value

The NV-3 is made in America. It is comprised of machined aluminum and features premium strings and cables made by Winner’s Choice.

Hunter with the NV-3
NV-3 specs and product page

The combination of the NV-3’s design attributes and top end components produce a level of performance that is otherwise reserved for bows that cost $1,200 or more. The result is not only perhaps the best value in archery, but a versatile bow that is made to perfectly accommodate a wide range of preferences.

That the NV-3 comes in at 25% (or more) less than similarly equipped flagship bows offers more than just savings. It means that you can purchase the NV-3 and use the savings to invest in premium components. This compounds not only savings, but also bow performance. When describing the NV line up, J.P. Morris puts it well, “You can find more expensive bows, but you won’t find more performance.”

All of the talk about the NV-3’s incredible value proposition, however, should not distract from the bow’s performance specs. The NV-3’s calling card is perhaps its tunability. The bow’s tunable performance components include:

  • Draw length is adjustable in ¼” intervals.
  • Adjustable let off that ranges between 70 and 90% of the draw weight.
  • Adjustable cable roller that reduces friction and imparts an incredibly smooth draw.

Why does the NV-3 feature such a wide range of adjustable components? The answer lies in versatility and performance.

Hunter with rack

The NV-3 is designed for performance and tunability. It is designed to accommodate preference, and being able to precisely tune these features to the physical stature and preferred shooting style of the archer allows NV-3 owners to set it up perfectly for the way they like to shoot and for the applications within which they plan to use it. The NV-3’s performance is measured in speed, shootability, accuracy, precision, and user-friendliness. Here’s a breakdown of a couple of the bow’s points of difference and why they matter.

NV-3 Tri Track Cam System
NV-3 Tri Track Cam System

The NV-3 features a new and improved tri track cam system. Marked by an individual track for the string and each cable, this three tracked system includes a bearing system that eliminates cam lean and imparts greater balance to the bow. The result is measured not only in precision (the ability to place shots where you want them consistently), but in accuracy at distance as well.

This innovative cam system provides two forms of draw stop. The NV-3 comes standard with a cable stop. It also affords the ability to upgrade to a limb stop. Those who prefer this upgrade will tell you that a limb stop removes creep and play and is more solid than other varieties of draw stop. By removing sponginess of the release, there is no slow dip-- the arrow goes straight into acceleration upon release.

NV-3 Widened Limb System
NV-3 Widened Limb System

The NV-3 also features an innovative limb system. The bow’s widened limb pocket is composed of machined aluminum and accommodates quad limbs (two top and two on the bottom) that are each an inch wide.

One-inch limbs are industry standard for flagship bows and offer a variety of benefits. When the bow is drawn, the wider limb pocket imparts an even load on each limb and greater stability in terms of limb flex.

These may seem like small points of difference, but to the dedicated archer they impart feel and confidence. When it comes to a flagship bow, the type that you know will serve you well wherever you take it, these are exactly the types of thing that matter.

Pair of hunters with the NV-3
BlackOut’s NV series… Dream hunt ready.

Introducing the BlackOut NV-3: Our Most Exciting Bow Yet

While much has changed and improved, we’ve kept the same incredible value proposition. We’re proud that the performance and feature set of the NV-3 are matched only by bows that cost 25-50% more than it does. With the money you save, you can invest in premium components.

NV-3 on hunter's lap
Bow savings allow you to invest in premium components.

Being able to fine tune the bow to your exact specifications makes archery more fun and rewarding. It pays dividends on the range, in the tree stand and when you’re spotting and stalking your way through the trip of a lifetime.

It pays dividends in terms of the confidence it imparts and in terms of the precision and accuracy that you will come to expect. That, perhaps most fundamentally, is why we are so excited to relate the story of BlackOut’s flagship evolution and to introduce the NV-3.