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Fishing pro Joey Nania has the mental, as well as the physical, ability to compete in fishing tournaments. When you think of sports and the talent someone must have to compete at a high level, you think of such things as football, basketball, baseball and many other competitive sports. You think of the incredible physical specimens who actually have the certain skill set that it takes to compete. A very small percentage are truly gifted enough to compete at a high level. Very rarely will people relate fishing to an athletic event or something that takes coordination or skill to…
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If you watch the trends of fishing lure production, you will see certain hot colors trending from season to season. Understanding when to choose those colors is the key. The ability to select proper colors throughout the season depends on what type of forage you are trying to imitate. It's simple: If you can match what the fish want, then you will catch more fish. When talking about bass, while sometimes they will eat anything that comes near them, there are a few standby forage options that they will target throughout the year. These forage options are shad and bluegill,…
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Across the country, fish use many different types of structure or cover to live and feed in. Weather it's rocks, docks, lay down logs or brush piles, as the year goes on and the seasons change, you will notice certain ones being more productive than others. And trust that no matter how random it can sometimes seem, there is a rhyme and a reason as to why they are using cover in a specific area, or more importantly, depth range. It is based on factors such as time of year, weather conditions, water color, water temperature and, last but not…
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Catch More Fall Bass

October 30, 2013 - for Bass
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To consistently catch bass no matter what the season, you must have an understanding of what type of baitfish the bass are feeding on and what the water temperature does to the behavior of those specific species. This changes as the weather changes, and one important rule to remember is if you find the bait, you will find the bass. In the fall of the year, the baitfish of choice for the majority of bass around the country is the abundant populations of shad. The reason for that is simple: Every fall, the majority of the shad make their annual…
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