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Owner Manual Library - Browning Aggressor Fishing Combos

January 3, 2014
Owner Manual & Limited Warranty information on Browning® Fishing Aggressor Fishing Rod & Reel Combos.On this page you'll find links to model information about the Browning Aggressor Fishing…
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Choosing a New Fly Rod

July 27, 2013
Every fly angler, at one point or another, finds him or herself in the market for yet another fly rod. The reasons might include an upgrade to better quality or simply finding a rod designed for a…
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Drift-fishing for Monster Blue Cats

July 6, 2013
Most catfish anglers are "sit-and-wait" types. They find a shady spot on the bank where they can sit, toss out a bottom rig, lean their rod against a forked stick, and then sit and wait, hoping…
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What Fishing Rod Should I Buy for Bass Fishing

October 22, 2012
When I was a first became interested in bass fishing as a kid, I had the same question and no one to ask. My high school fishing buddy, Hank, had a subscription to Sports Afield Magazine and would…