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One thing you learn very early on when you live “Up North” is that winter gives you plenty of time to ponder and reflect on things you might not normally spend much time thinking about (and I am certainly not immune).  For instance: What effect does lure color have on fish – muskies, in particular?  Well, in all my long winter nights of mulling over this issue, as well as more than a few hundred hours of on-the-water experience, I’d have to say that color does matter to muskies and other fishes … but only sometimes. The vast majority of…
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Back when I was a muskie guide, I wish I’d have gotten a nickel for every time I was asked: “Are ya seein’ any muskies on the graph?” I can certainly understand why someone would ask. But let’s think about this ... and you’ll soon understand why my standard answer was always: “I’m looking for what they eat.” Muskies, and all fish for that matter, spend much more time not eating than otherwise. Big predators spend even less time eating than smaller fishes (due mostly to their metabolism), since they rule the water when conditions are right and they’re in…
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Anyone who knows me understands that one of my true passions when it comes to the sport of muskie fishing is teaching the virtues of catch and release. While I have covered this topic up one side and down the other over the past several years, one aspect of the practice that has not gotten as much attention as it should is release issues on ice.  As an ice fisherman myself -- once I really started to be very serious about release, in general – I realized that for some reason when ice fishing, things just tended to be a…
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Walleyes and Muskies

January 27, 2013 - for Muskie
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Much has been written about how walleyes react to light. In general, they are more active during periods of low light. And a surface chop diffuses light. On the sunniest of days, a slight chop will decrease underwater light intensity at least a little bit, and that is going to make walleyes more active. It might even cause them to use shallower water longer, and that will increase your fishing options. So when you’re planning your next walleye trip, check the weather forecast. If it’s going to be sunny and breezy, your chances of catching fish are going to go…
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