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Go Hunting for Spring Trout

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March 8, 2016
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Springtime brings more light and warmer temperatures changing the creeks, rivers and streams into outstanding trout havens bursting with insect hatchess and hungry fish. A key to getting great trout fishing action in the early spring season is to slow down, explore and get to know the spring creeks and tailwater, ponds, lakes or rivers before you approach those likely trout hideouts.

Where Trout Like to Hide

Trout like to hide under logs, behind rocks, near overhanging branches, and along banks. During peak feeding activity, they will drop downstream to the tailwater of the pool or surface out away from the bank. If you can spot trout that are a good distance from cover, they will usually be eager to strike.

If you’re fishing a trout stream, stay low and use the surrounding cover to sneak up on the fish. Lake fishermen should idle or drift into the area where fish were spotted—always keeping at casting distance.

When stalking trout, you get to see how fish react to your lure or presentation. Trout that are visible teach valuable lessons that can only be learned after a stealthy approach.

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