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The 6 Most Important Fishing Lures to Use When Bass Spawn

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March 13, 2017
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Fishing the bass spawn is one of the best times to catch hawg bass, but even then they can be finicky. We trolled the best of the internet to find half a dozen top recommendations for boating big bucket mouths even when nothing else is working. Don’t head to your favorite bass lake in the spring without these baits on board.

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#1. Berkley Sinking Minnows 

berkley, Angler Education

Just because you can't see the bass on the beds doesn't mean you're not going to catch them.

berkley minnow 200

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#2. Soft-plastic Swimbaits Like the Squirmin' Super Worm

FieldStream, 10 Tips to Catch Spawning Bass

Work your swimbaits quickly for aggressive fish and slowly for neutral mood fish.

swimbait worm 200 
1 arrow pointBass Pro Shops Squirmin' Super Worm


#3. A Soft Plastic Lure Like the Bass Pro Shops Squirmin Lizard

BassResource, Spawing Bass

Once you find a bed, reposition yourself to where you can see the bed well but are far enough away that the bass will not become spooked. A good distance is about 7 feet away.

lizard junebug 200

1 arrow pointBass Pro Shops Squirmin' Lizard


#4. Topwater Lures Like the Bass Pro Shops XPS Professional Series Topwater Hard Baits - Popper

topwater, Topwater Tactics for Spring Bass

hardbaits shop basspro 

1 arrow pointFill your fishing tackle box these baits and lures from Bass Pro Shops.


#5. Texas-rigged Berkley PowerBait Flippin' Tube


About Sports, Fishing for Spawing Bass

Berkley powerbait tube 700

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#6. Swimbaits like the SPRO Swimbait BBZ-1 Junior 60

Spro, Swimbait Tactics for Springtime Bass

spro 700

1 arrow pointShop SPRO Swimbait BZ-1 Junior at




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