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Legends Tour Diary: The Group Meets

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November 4, 2012
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Our group met at dawn for the first time at the Frankfurt airport after all night flights.  The good news was there was a driver in a big red bus there to meet us. The bad news we couldn't check into our hotel rooms until 2:30 that afternoon. As much as our bodies were screaming rest, our adventuresome spirits were chomping at the bit to explore. Legends Tour Diary Landscape We chartered a boat up the Rhine River and was fascinated by the towering granite castles,  amongst the miles of well-maintained vineyards, both defying time and progress as the river rolled on. 

Lunch was in a quaint old villa near the river with ancient grape vines adorning the canopies and open-air dining. I was enjoying the ambience of the experience with unfamiliar background music and other diners chatting in unknown tongues when a rocking blast of "Cotton Eye Joe" spit out of speakers someplace.  Legends Tour LunchThe tune and music was the same but the words were being sung in German. How is that for a hybrid culture? 

It took me a long study of the menu to decide on what to order.  Mainly because I couldn't read it and if I could figure out the words I wasn't sure what it was.  A "pig knuckle" sounded pretty wholesome and something I could identify with however I didn't expect it to be the better part of a hog's leg. Bill and I had enough pork to share with everyone. So far I'm digging these German ways. Two-stepping music and pig knuckles, what else could a country girl want??   

Pig Knuckles











Written by Brenda Valentine

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Brenda Valentine

Home: Puryear, Tenessee
(husband) Barney, (daughters) Melissa & Scarlet
Hourseback riding / training. Farming for wildlife. Gardening / Flowers
All legal methods

Hunting Stuff

Years Been Hunting: 50 years plus
Hunting Strength:
The woodsmanship skills and knowledge I learned as a kid have always been my ace-in-the-hole. Paired with my above average shooting skills with bow and firearms, these skills have been key to many of my hunting successes. I also have an unusual physical and mental toughness that has come in handy many times on particularly difficult hunts.
Favorite Technique:
Bow, Muzzleloader, Centerfire
Favorite Game to Hunt:
Turkey & Whitetail Deer
Favorite Places to Hunt:
Tennessee, Illinois, Montana, and Africa
Favorite Season to Hunt:
Turkey &  Deer
Favorite Time to Hunt: Anytime the season is open and I am free to go
Favorite Way to Hunt: Treestand
Favorite Turkey Call:
Brenda Valentine Sweet Talk

Career Highlights

Biggest Kill: Giraffe, Cape Buffalo, Moose, Elk, Caribou, Kudu
Greatest Hunting Achievement: Cleanly killing a Cape Buffalo bull with one arrow at 19 steps, several turkey grandslams
Favorite Hunting Moment: Assisting each of my 4 grandkids shoot their first deer — each when they were five years old

Professional Affiliations: National Spokesperson for the National Wild Turkey Federation
Host of the NWTF's award winning TV program, "Turkey Call" on the Pursuit channel
21-yr veteran of Bass Pro Shops National RedHead Hunting Team
Co-hosts Bass Pro's "REAL HUNTING TV" on Verses network as well as being a regular on the Bass Pro "King of Bucks" program
First woman inducted into the National Legends of the Outdoors Hall of Fame
Member of the West Tennessee Sports Hall of Fame
A present nominee for the National Archery Hall of Fame
2012 Inducted into the Tennessee Turkey Hunters Hall of Fame
2013 Professional Outdoor Media Association Pinnacle Award
Bethel University, Head Archery Coach
First/only woman selected to represent the outdoor and hunting industry in the 2012 Armed Forces Entertainment "Outdoor Legends" S.E. Asia Tour
National champion 3-D Archer
Featured on the front page of the Wall Street Journal
About to receive the Silver Lance award, the Amvets highest honor for my work with the wounded vets

Often described as the 1 person responsible for recruiting more women into hunting than any other in modern history.  Brenda Valentine, the "First Lady of Hunting"®, grew up in a family where wild game was the primary table fare and  good hunting/shooting skills were learned at an early age.  The lessons of woodsmanship, animal behavior, and handling a firearm that once provided meat for the table were also building a firm foundation for Brenda to become a respected leader and a role model in today's world of hunting and conservation. 

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