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6 Father's Day Gift Ideas Your Dad Will Love

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May 23, 2014
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Dad's who enjoy the outdoors are a treasured bunch. Show yours how special he is by giving him a gift he'll remember and cherish.

#1 — Fishing Vest

FathersDayGiftIdeas JH2014
The author's father sports an inflatable life vest on the water.

A fishing vest is like a comfortable and treasured uniform. Whether your Dad wades the stream for trout or stomps the shore for panfish, a fishing vest will be the one thing he never leaves home without. Besides, your Dad will undoubtedly have lots of 'stuff' to cram in all those pockets.

#2 — Pocket Knife

All dads love knives. Especially those they can tuck in their pocket. Give the gift of a shiny new blade this Father's Day. Whether it is out in the wild or in his own backyard, he'll definitely find a use for a pocket knife.

#3 — Handheld GPS

Although most swear they don't need directions, being out in the wilderness — as opposed to the car — is an entirely different matter. A handheld GPS can get Dad to his tree stand easily, track a blood trail, but most importantly, get him home safe at the end of the day. A gift that definitely doubles as a lifesaver.

#4 — Fly Rod and Reel

We all dream of the tranquil beauty and wondrous trout portrayed in the movie "A River Runs Through It." Give your Dad a starring role with the gift of a fly rod and reel. This exquisite form of fishing is sure to ignite a passion that can definitely become addictive.

#5 — Metal Detector

Dad may not strike it rich, but he'll have fun trying with the gift of a metal detector. Combine exercise, fresh air, and the thrill of the chase, and unleash Dad's inner treasure hunter. Or pirate. The choice is his.

#6 — Smoker

No matter whether fish or game is on the menu, everything tastes better when smoked. The gift of a smoker offers tasty, do-it-yourself cuisine, that is both fun to prepare and even better to plate. More importantly, it means special meals for you whenever visiting home. A win-win deal.

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Justin Hoffman

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