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Turkey hunter sitting next to tree shooting at 3 turkeys

Is a 20 Gauge Shotgun Enough for Turkey Hunting? (video)

For many years, the 3-inch, 12-gauge ruled the roost with turkey hunters, but with the introduction of the 3 1/2-inch…
News & Tips: A Guide to the Modern Slug Gun

A Guide to the Modern Slug Gun

What makes a slug gun different than the run of the mill shotgun of today? Plenty, let's look at the modern day slug…
News & Tips: Modern Technology Meets the Turkey Shotgun...

Modern Technology Meets the Turkey Shotgun

The early morning gobble startled me as I drifted off. I'd been up since 4 a.m. and daylight was slow to arrive. I had…
News & Tips: Hunting Lease 101

Hunting Lease 101

Like it or not, the practice of leasing hunting land is increasing rapidly in the United States. However, you don't…
News & Tips: How to Choose a Handgun for Hunting

How to Choose a Handgun for Hunting

The frost-covered ground crunched under my insulated boots no matter how hard I tried to sneak to my deer-stand. The…
News & Tips: Youth Firearms

Youth Firearms

Ah, youth. Today is a great time to be a kid; opportunities and focus are directed towards our youth. Youth seasons are…
News & Tips: Shotgun Stock Fitting

Shotgun Stock Fitting

I'm not known for my shotgun shooting prowess. As a matter of fact, I stink. But I don't think it's all me. Few…
News & Tips: Glass Bedding a Rifle

Glass Bedding a Rifle

Glass bedding a rifle conjures up all kinds of images — from slapping thick peanut-butter-like glue into a stock to…
News & Tips: Choosing a Shotgun

Choosing a Shotgun

Growing up in a farming environment, I learned the importance of having the right tool for the job. Part of my self-…
News & Tips: The Profession of Gunsmithing

The Profession of Gunsmithing

I have always heard the old adage, "Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life." I've…
News & Tips: Not Your Daddy's Slug Gun

Not Your Daddy's Slug Gun

Today's slug-gun hunter has an array of choices in all types of actions.   Pump actions lay claim to the most popular…
News & Tips: 2013 Bianchi Cup Set for May 22-25

2013 Bianchi Cup Set for May 22-25

For me there are two seasons: hunting season and shooting season. Turkey season is just ending, which means shooting…