Habitats & Food Plots

Where to Put Food Plots: Advice to a Tennessee Hunter (video)

A Tennessee deer hunter has a property he's looking to improve for better deer hunting. Grant meets with him to review the property and share tips and ideas for improving the habitat. This video starts with Grant sharing basic tools of using a map to track the land that has been scouted for deer sign and habitat features.

ATV/UTV Food Plot Accessories Buyer's Guide

Are you a landowner, longing to attract healthy wildlife to your property? Improving your property for wildlife can be a daunting task, but with the right equipment attached to your ATV or UTV it’s easy to create a lush, nutritional food plot. Look no further than our selection of attachments and implements for your ATV or UTV to achieve your land-management goals.

What to Plant for the Best Fall Food Plots and Deer Nutrition

Planting fall food plots doesn’t just entice bucks by offering them succulent forage. It also draws in does, offering the double attraction of food and females. But what plants will offer the most appeal to whitetails from October bow hunts all the way through January’s late rifle and muzzleloader seasons? Find out here.

Tips to Improve Hunting Properties and How to Take Soil Samples (video)

Hunters at the NWTF show met with Daniel and Clay for advice on how to improve their hunting  properties.  Then a "how to" on taking soil samples as we get ready for planting spring food plots.Sign up for Spring Field Days

Improve Native Browse for Whitetails | Bow Hunting Prep | Hunting Strategies (video)

From GrowingDeer.tv: You can have better Deer Hunting by improving native vegetation! No food plots? No problem! Here's an in-depth look at TSI targeting Sassafras and ideas on how to open up the forest floor for native grasses and forbes. Then the first in a series of tips to get bow hunters tuned up for deer season. Plus, sharing a key hunting strategy for a property in Kentucky.

Deer Hunting & Habitat | Strategic Changes for Better Hunting (video)

From GrowingDeer.tv:Team is creating a beautiful savanna for deer hunting with step by step "how to" on selecting timber for TSI.  (0:00:01 - 0:10:22) Then see the first steps of our strategy to tag one of the top hit list bucks on The Proving Grounds. (0:10:23 - 0:13:59)  Finally, solving the mystery of a dead fawn. (0:14:00 - 0:17:08).

Food Plots: Predators, Protection, and Possibilities (video)

From GrowingDeer.tv: Food plots are a strategic tool for deer hunting. In this video we're following up on food plot projects showing what's working (and not working). Check out Daniel's hunt for a pesky plot predator: a groundhog!

Valuable Habitat Lessons for Deer Hunters (video)

From GrowingDeer.tv :  a "how to" video for designing a new or expanding an old food plot in timber:  How to select trees; How to decide borders; How to mark timber; Which trees should be saved; Which trees have value.  Watch for the three primary considerations for food plot design: how to approach, hunt, and exit the food plot.  Stay tuned to the end for new tips on trail camera placement for pre-season scouting.