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How to Use a Frog Bait When Fishing Around a Lot of Cover (video)

There was a time, in the not so distant past, when I was fishing I would immediately get discouraged at the sight of grass mats, lily pads, and heavy vegetation while in pursuit of a big bass. I had the attitude that an area of water covered in vegetation was something that could not be fished. I didn't want to get hung up, lose my lure or worse, lose a keeper as I reeled it in.

Reviewing the Lew's Fishing HyperMag Spool SLP Baitcast Fishing Reel (video)

The name Lew's, is known by fisherman all over the country as a company that strives to live by their mottos, which is that of building innovative fishing gear that are lighter, stronger and faster. One of Lew's NEW products for 2018 is the updated Team Lew's HyperMag SLP baitcast reel.

Fishing: Mark Zona’s Coldwater Swimbait Deal

Mark Zona, host of Zona’s Awesome Fishing Show, grew up fishing the cold-water months in Michigan always believing that a blade bait was the best weapon in 35- to 45-degree water.  

He’s been proven wrong. Using a swimbait, he’s tapped into 100-fish schools bunched up in cold water looking to feed.

McClelland’s Tricks for Fishing Floating Cover in Cold Water

During the late winter and early spring, while many anglers wait to take their boats out of storage until warmer weather arrives, Bass Pro Shops Cabela’s Fishing Pro Mike McClelland not only has his boat ready but a game plan in place also.

KVD's Secret Finesse Bait Can Put Key Fish in the Boat

For any student of bass fishing, they’re well aware of the place in history held by the French Fry worm. Once upon a time, it was a staple in any anglers’ boat whenever bass were being stubborn.

How to Build a Beginner’s Tackle Box for Shore Fishing

The way to introduce fishing to a newcomer is from shore or by wading in a shallow stream or river. There is simple joy in walking up to a stream or small river, finding a comfortable spot on the bank or a boulder, casting out into the current, and catching a fish.

Andy Montgomery’s When & Where Best Bass Buzzbait Tricks

Watching a largemouth bass explode on a buzzbait spitting along the surface is downright awesome.  Sometimes they’ll just slurp it down and other times all they’ll hit it with is reckless abandon.

Timing is Key

Try Soft-plastic Jerkbaits for Moody Fish That Don’t Want to Bite

Over the years, Canadian smallmouth ace Derek Strub has tricked a monster smallmouth or two into the boat under the toughest of conditions.  Enter the soft-plastic jerkbait.  “It’s a good bait for catching fish that don’t want to bite and is much more than a finesse bait than people realize,” he said.

Dave Mercer's Topwater Bait - The Live Target Sunfish Hollow Body (video)

Topwater fishing for largemouth bass is addictive and absolutely awesome!  Whether you are fishing heavy vegetation, visible targets, or open water, nothing compares to a largemouth exploding on your favorite lure.  All across North America, the sound of bluegills smacking on the surface around weeds and lily pads is unmistakably rhythmic.  Our first inclination is to throw a topwater frog, but there’s a new player in town, the Live Target Sunfish Hollow Body.