How Do You Know If You’re Camping or Glamping?

What is the Difference Between Camping and Glamping?

The fact is, it’s a very blurred line … and with good reason. The point of both pursuits is the same – to enjoy yourself spending time in the outdoors and/or in outdoor activities. The differences, albethey slight, are in the level of comfort you choose to seek along the way.

How To Build Your Perfect Camp Kitchen (infographic)

In camping, just as in life, food is one of the basic necessities – you know – food, shelter, clothing. But also in camping as in life, to what level we take the basic needs is pretty much up to us.

Buying a Camping Knife? Consider These Factors to Pick the Best Solution

Is there a new camping knife in your future? To make the right choice there’s a lot to consider. Whether you’re a weekend family camper, a backpacker, or a hardcore wilderness survivalist there are good, better, and best solutions for you.

Add Delicious Smoke Flavor to Your Camp Cooking (video)

Part of what makes food cooked outdoors so especially delicious is the “smoke flavor” it takes on from cooking over a wood or charcoal fire. But to really absorb smoke, usually takes time – much longer than many foods take to cook.

10 Great Gifts for the Camping Lady in Your Life

If your wife, mom or special lady is an outdoor kind of gal, she’ll smile and say “thank you” if you bring her flowers, candy, a massage gift certificate, or simply a card. But if you look behind her eyes, you’ll recognize she’d be happy with something more lasting. Something that fuels her passion and appreciation for the outdoors. A gift or gifts to bring friends and family together to experience the great outdoors.

Camping: 10 Easy Steps to Making an Upside Down Fire (video)

There are many ways to go about building a campfire, but in the final result one is not much different from another. You light the fire, then especially during its earliest stages, it requires tending and the addition of increasingly large pieces of fuel up to full-sized pieces of firewood. Then through the evening, you'€™re called on to add more wood over and over again as the fire burns down.

7 Fire Starting Secrets of Campfire Pros (video)

When you want to light a campfire, you want it to start quickly. Both bragging rights and practicality come into play. The best campers, woodsmen, and women, always seem to get the fire going with a single match, regardless of the weather conditions.

Gift Buying Guide for the Car Campers on Your List

In America, there are far more weekend car campers who camp within a few feet of their vehicles than there are “adventure campers” who put camp on their backs and hike off into the wilderness - actually more than three times as many. That makes the chances very strong that you have at least one – probably more – car campers on your gift list.