Winter & Spring

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Score Big Bass on Your First Fishing Trip of the Year

February 19, 2014
It's your first bassin' trip of the year. Make it count by using these five early-season strategies from legendary anglers. At least one of them is guaranteed to catch bass in frigid water regardless…
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Chain Pickerel Fishing Basics

June 7, 2013
  Chain pickerel will attack a variety of lures including crankbaits, stick baits, spinnerbaits and soft plastics. I have heard the same statement many times while fishing the Ozark Highlands of…
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Giant Atlantic Ocean Stripers

February 28, 2013
Too many people associate fishing strictly with sunny days and shirtsleeve weather. The fact is, some of the most rewarding angling takes place in the dead of winter and early spring. Claude Bain…