Windy Weather

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4 Proven Hunting Techniques to Get Close to Spring Gobblers

February 6, 2019
Getting as close to your targeted turkey as possible before making your first call is one of the most significant advantages that you can have when trying to call to a gobbler. When a hunter is able…
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How to Hunt Turkeys in Windy Conditions

March 20, 2018
After an unsuccessful morning turkey hunting, youth hunter Avery Miller and I, met up after lunch with high hopes for a better afternoon hunt. However, we were met with a strong 30 mph winds that…
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Don't Hibernate - Get Out & Enjoy the Winter Season

February 9, 2016
Don’t hibernate when the weatherman talks about the wind chill index; get outdoors and enjoy the winter season.  Read: Cold Weather Tent Camping Tips Read: What You Need to Know to Prepare for Cold…
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Windy Day Fishing Bass

January 23, 2013
Too many times, fishermen go to the lake and find the lake covered in rolling waves or at least a strong wind that makes it uncomfortable to be on the water. They pack up their gear and head back…