Top 10 News & Tips 2013

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A Guide to Choosing Baitcast Reels

June 26, 2019
Many anglers shy away from baitcast reels due to some common fears. Hearing the dreaded term "bird nest" evokes a reluctance to give these reels a fair shake. Misconceptions that they are "difficult…
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ATA Campaign to Harness Archery's Appeal

November 13, 2013
New Ulm, Minn. — The Archery Trade Association (ATA) is launching an advertising and social campaign to harness and direct surging archery interest among new and young archers prior to the November…
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Fishing Knot Library: How to Tie the Improved Clinch Knot

August 22, 2013
How to Tie Fishing Line: Improved Clinch Knot instructions The Improved Clinch is a time-tested and a very popular choice for tying terminal tackle to monofilament line. It is quick and easy to tie…
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Best Bass Lures for Summer River Largemouth

May 21, 2013
Creature baits such as Zoom's Brush Hog are the ticket for hungry largemouth bass in river environments. I revel in one-upping an angler whom I know is the much better fisherman. The pie grows…
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Live Bait and Hook Selection Primer

May 17, 2013
Since the inception of angling, the utilization of live bait has been a hands down winner. No matter what lure you may happen to tie on your line, duplicating Mother Nature is a formidable, yet…
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Recipes: Venison Neck Roast in a Crock Pot (video)

February 14, 2013
Never throw away the neck when processing your deer meat! This is one of my favorite cuts of venison, and a perfect camp meal when having access to power for your crock pot. I have cooked this same…
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After the Shot, Let It Be

February 12, 2013
The big doe slipped out of the hardwoods just minutes before legal quitting time. From my tree stand, some 20 feet above, I watched as she stepped cautiously into the field, tested the wind and began…
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Fishing Knot Library: How to Tie Fishing Line With These 11 Knots

January 16, 2013
Learn how to tie fishing line and choose the best fishing knots to tie hooks, lures and fishing rigs. These fishing knots can be found on the PRO-KNOT Fishing Knot Tying Instruction Cards, available…