Recreational Shooting

Shooter wearing hearing production

Caldwell E-MAX : Don't Risk Your Hearing Shooting a Gun

July 27, 2020
You Only Get One Set of Ears, So Make Sure You’re Protecting Them on the Range & In the Field The Caldwell E-MAX family of hearing protection includes Bluetooth, Electronic, and Passive options…
Travis Gibson shooting gun

The Basics of 3-Gun Competition

April 25, 2020
Q & A With Travis Gibson, Cabela's Pro Staffer, Competing in USPSA By Richard Mann The United States Practical Shooting Association is the national governing body of practical shooting in the…
Rifle and rimfire cartridges

WSM - A New Breed of Rimfire

June 25, 2019
Flat Shooting with Minimal Wind Drift The Winchester .17 WSM rimfire rifle shoots Winchester Super Magnum cartridges flatter and more accurate than both the .17 HMR and the .22 Magnum. Winchester .…
News & Tips: The Versatile Air Rifle for Small Game Hunting...

The Versatile Air Rifle for Small Game Hunting

March 24, 2015
I was very fortunate to grow up with a pellet rifle in my hands. Some of my fondest memories were going up north to my grandparents and helping out with the overrun population of red squirrels. I…
News & Tips: Plinking Targets Helps Develop Skills – And is Also Really Fun!...

Plinking Targets Helps Develop Skills – And is Also Really Fun!

June 3, 2014
According to a report from the National Shooting Sports Foundations, there are more target shooters in America than there are people in New York state. I'm not surprised. Target shooting, or informal…
Shooter at shooting range wearing shooting glasses

Why You Should Wear Shooting Glasses

March 25, 2014
It is just about automatic for shooters to don both eye and ear protection before embarking on a session at the rifle range or skeet/trap field; in fact, it's mandated at organized shooting…
News & Tips: Today's Air Rifles Not Just for Kids Anymore...

Today's Air Rifles Not Just for Kids Anymore

March 4, 2014
Like so many other hunters, the first game I ever shot as a kid was with a Daisy BB and pellet rifle. I wreaked havoc on many a small furred or feathered critter with that pump air gun until it…