Night Fishing

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A Guide to Choosing a Fishing Light Attractor

February 20, 2019
Night fishing can be an exhilarating experience. It's a fun activity full of mystery and expectation. When will something take the bait? What will it be? Will I overcome it, or will it overcome me?…
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Angler Josh Bertrand Cools Off for Some Hot Largemouth Night Fishing

August 2, 2016
It certain parts of North America, temps consistently hit 110 to 115°C during the day.  Such conditions make it almost unbearable to fish- that is unless you’ve learned to fish at night like Arizona…
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Night Fishing is Heating Up, Try These Tips to Be More Successful

August 13, 2014
If you haven't been night fishing in a while, you need to try bass fishing at night from now until September.  It doesn't matter if you're fishing your local pit, pond, or stream….or if you're taking…
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Night Fishing for Bass Secrets

July 16, 2014
By late June, most bass have moved to their summer hangouts. Dropoffs, weedlines and weedflats should be good, butthe edges of humps and reefs will usually hold the most fish. Anglers know it is…
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Go Night Fishing to Extend Your Time to Fish

May 12, 2014
If you're looking to extend your fishing time and aren't afraid of the dark, working the night shift on your local lake can bring some eye-opening surprises. The fish can run thick while the crowds…
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Night Fishing Tips for Catfish

May 1, 2014
Want to catch more catfish? Try night fishing. A lot of fishers will pack things up and head back to the house once the sun sets, but there are some that will just be getting on the water. Night…
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4 Reasons You Should be Flipping Jigs Under the Full Moon

October 29, 2013
Night fishing for bass can be a truly exhilarating experience. The strike, headshakes and tail walking — sensations to behold during daylight hours — are even more pronounced and magnified when the…
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Night Banking - Fishing Tip

July 31, 2013
During daylight hours of summer months, fish usually move further from shore, making it even harder for bank fishermen. That’s when you need to think about bank fishing at night. Test these fishing…