Morel Mushrooms

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The Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Hunting Morel Mushrooms (video)

February 8, 2019
How You Can Find Morel Mushrooms this Spring! If you’re a spring turkey hunter, particularly in the Midwest, you’ve probably run across other hunters in the woods who are definitely not turkey…
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A Spring Trifecta: Recipes for Crappie, Morels & Wild Turkey

May 18, 2015
For those who enjoy the outdoors there’s no better combination than the trifecta of fresh crappie, morel mushrooms, and wild turkey—all fried to perfection. Mustard Fried Crappie   Crappie fillets…
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6 Morel Mushroom Hunting Secrets

April 20, 2015
Interest in morel hunting has mushroomed in recent years. Competition for the succulent morsels is fierce. Only those who have honed their fungi hunting skills are able to routinely serve up mounds…
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Tips for Finding Morel Mushrooms

April 3, 2014
Spring is morel mushroom season. Hunters of the prized fungi will be out in force as the spring rains come and the nights begin to warm. Grizzled old 'shroom hunters will return from their hunts with…
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Midwest Morel Mushroom Hunt

May 6, 2013
The spring morel mushroom season is a huge event for many people. I learned to hunt them over 30 years ago from my boss. He had been raised in Iowa and he took vacation to go back and hunt them every…
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Hunting Morel Mushrooms

April 25, 2013
If you've never hunted morel mushrooms you're missing one of the best of delicacies that the great outdoors has to offer. I've been around cattle all of my life and have had access to the best steaks…
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Mighty Morels

April 18, 2013
Morels are popping up. Grab your plastic bag, bucket or ball cap and get ready to fill it with tasty morels. Morels can be found along creek drainages and around older trees. Morel hunting is a…