Fly Fishing Gear

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Pulling or Casting Flies for Walleye

April 21, 2020
By Jeff Samsei Cabela’s Field Staff team member Dave Schmidt shares his proven techniques. Walleye pro Dave Schmidt commonly uses fishing flies to get the attention of spring walleyes, but no fly…
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Fly Rod Buyer's Guide

August 16, 2019
Perhaps the most common question asked between fly anglers is, “What rod are you fishing?” Fly rods are the focal point of a fly angler’s arsenal – the rock stars of your fishing gear. Successful fly…
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Fly Line Buyer's Guide

June 11, 2019
If your fly rod is the lead singer and your reel is the guitarist, then your fly line is the drummer. Just like a band with a drummer who can’t keep a beat, a fly-fishing outfit – even one with the…
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Fly Fishing & Project Healing Waters Featured on Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World Radio

July 16, 2015
If you are a fan of fly fishing, be sure to tune in! This week's Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World radio show with host Rob Keck, Bass Pro Shops' director of conservation will focus on fly fishing with…
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Sole Searching: Find the Perfect Wading Boot Sole

April 9, 2015
You know that feeling you had in school, the one where you tipped your chair back just a bit too far? Taking a fateful misstep in a trout stream can be an equally heart-stopping experience. While a…
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Protect Your Fly Gear: The Case for Cases

January 19, 2015
When it comes to gear, most fly anglers have no shortage of items on their wish lists. If you’re anything like me, fine fly rods and reels reside somewhere near the top.  The first three on my list…
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Fly Fishing: Cast a Grasshopper Fly to Fool Fall Trout

October 7, 2014
Trout fishermen traditionally cast imitations of aquatic insects such as mayflies and caddis. But some of the best fall fly-fishing comes from imitating "terrestrial" insects. These are bugs that are…
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Scuds Make Sense for Spring and Early Summer Rainbows

June 1, 2014
Fly fisherman like all other fishing enthusiasts have the belief that certain patterns or baits work better in a particular seasons or with certain types of fish. The truth behind some of these…
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Fly Fishing for Baby Tarpon

April 12, 2014
The faint smell of saltwater invaded my nostrils as my guide brought his MAKO flats boat up on to plane and sped across the mirror smooth waters of Campeche Bay, Mexico. "Welcome to the world of…
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Using Bead Heads in Fly Fishing

April 2, 2014
If you take a quick look into your fly box, what do you see? Do you have barrage of gold bead head nymph patterns lining your fly box or a run of the traditional weighted nymphs? In most cases,…
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Carp on the Fly

March 15, 2014
Every year, as the spring flows slowly settle out of our favorite bodies of water, you'll find dozens of anglers fighting for river real-estate in hopes of catching a few early-season trout. As fun…
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5 Best: Fly-Fishing Organization Tools and Accessories

January 9, 2014
Losing a fish is often the most disappointing event in angling (save physical harm of course), but a strong runner-up is realizing you forgot a piece of gear you needed after a long journey to your…