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Are You a Campfire Super Hero? Take This Quiz to Find Out

March 14, 2018
At the core of every camping trip … of nearly every great outdoor experience, for that matter … is a campfire. That’s how 50 Campfires got its name – 50 states, 50 Campfires. So if you want to be…
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Why Using Prescribed Fire Improves the Forest, Deer & Wildlife Habitat (video)

February 29, 2016
The team debunks the myths and negative associations of using prescribed fire as a tool to improve wildlife habitat and timber. Plus, how to improve hunting in your local county by…
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This Video Shows How to Protect Loss of Valuable, Personal Items From a Fire

September 20, 2014
RedHead Pro Hunting Team captain Jerry Martin shares his personal experience and tests the RedHead 1856 Collection Fire-Resistant Gun Safe The heat from the fire was unbearable.  The sound—a…
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Fire Safety Tips for Campers

May 17, 2014
The sight was chilling, to say the least. My tent and everything inside it had burned to the ground. Nothing was left but a pile of charred fabric and blackened gear. I had been gone only a few…
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Autumn Campfire Safety

October 18, 2013
For many campers, there is not a more pleasing time of year to sit around a cozy campfire than during the autumn months. Although, campfires can also become a roaring, damaging wildfire in only a few…
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How to Build a Safe Campfire (video)

August 23, 2013
When people think of camping, the first image that comes to mind is probably of a group of friends or family members gathered around a blazing campfire, laughing, telling stories or roasting hot dogs…
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Beginner Survival Skills: The Importance of a Campfire (video)

December 19, 2012
As you’re beginning your foray into the world of learning survival skills, you’ll become familiar with tasks like building a shelter, performing first aid in the field and mastering navigation. Along…