Calling for Tough Wild Turkeys - Part 1

News & Tips: Calling for Tough Wild Turkeys - Part 1...

Sometimes Eastern wild turkeys can be as hard to get as pulling hens' teeth. Renowned turkey hunter Ray Eye learned, through decades of turkey hunting, how to consistently kill wild turkeys under the toughest conditions.

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Author and turkey expert Ray Eye says the wild turkey's survival is dependent on calling.

I have enjoyed experiencing Ray Eye's turkey hunting camps on many occasions over the last three decades. To say that Eye is an incredible turkey hunter is a gross understatement. Those of us who follow him closely are no less amazed at his continued success today than we were when we first met him 30 years ago.

In his newly released book, "The Turkey Hunter's Bible," Eye reveals his secrets as a professional turkey hunter. Eye has condensed his calling and hunting tactics into the most successful methods of calling, roosting and setting up. "I have found these to be the keys to success with spring turkeys in order to kill gobblers in all kinds of situations," he said.

Eye concedes that the best teacher for any turkey hunter is time in the filed. Coupled with your personal time out there in the field listening, watching and learning from wild turkeys, Eye's tactics will dramatically increase your odds of harvesting a bird each trip out.

Eye contends that much damage is done to beginning turkey hunters by the tall tales and myths of experienced turkey hunters. "When it comes down to turkey hunting success, it is wise not to believe every story you hear, to keep an open mind and to always utilize a little common sense," he stated.

Eye states emphatically that calling is everything. "For me, it is the most important facet of turkey hunting, and realistic calling has more to do with my professional success than any other element of turkey hunting."

Turkeys communicate with one another every day of their lives, and Eye capitalizes on that fact. He has videoed turkeys all year long for decades. He has learned the turkey vocabulary inside and out. Capitalizing on the vocabulary of the wild turkey made him a successful turkey hunter.

"The wild turkey's survival is dependent on calling," Eye related. "Calling is an important facet in ever aspect of a turkey's life from communication, pecking order, hens with poults, fall and winter flocks, mating season and danger. Hunters utilize calling for locating, scouting, roosting and calling birds to the gun. Learning to call like a wild turkey is key to being a successful hunter."