Turkey Hunting 101

When it comes to spring turkey hunting, getting out of bed and into the woods early is critical to your success.

Turkeys are most vocal at dawn, so when the light is still dim it is often possible to close the distance and get to a gobbler that is still on the roost. Your chances will be better if you locate the roost the evening before the hunt. Use locator calls to help find the roost trees.

Don’t crowd the roost even if you have darkness and good cover. Eighty yards is close enough. Keep a lookout for gobblers that are on the fringe of the roost and not calling. These birds may be even more likely to come to your first calls if the dominant tom still has hens.

Make your first calls very soft yelps and purrs and use a decoy if it is legal in your area. Do not over call. Let the gobbler come find you.

Brenda Valentine is member of
the RedHead® Pro Hunting Team