How to Plan for a Turkey's Primary Defense

Because their great vision is their primary defense, turkeys feel very secure where they can see well and far. They frequently feed in pastures and meadows and gobblers love to strut their stuff out in the open.

On rainy days, turkeys prefer these open areas as well as clearcuts and can be seen walking along woods roads. These are all prime areas to look for fresh tracks, feathers and other sign.

Use this to your scouting advantage. When driving in your hunting area always slow down and take a good, thorough look at openings. This is where binoculars come in handy.

When walking through your hunting area, approach openings carefully and check them out well before exposing yourself. This means taking a long look at the opening from cover and moving slowly even though you think you are well hidden.

Brenda Valentine is member of
the RedHead® Pro Hunting Team