Hunting Celebrity Dads & Daughters Featured on Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World Radio

News & Tips: Hunting Celebrity Dads & Daughters Featured on Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World Radio...

Joining host Rob Keck on Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World Radio is an all-star lineup featuring hunting celebs and their daughters. Honored guests include: Jim and Eva Shockey, Craig and Brittany Boddington, and Ben Carter and Allison Ruth Carter. This amazing show was recorded live at the 2015 Dallas Safari Club convention.

Tune in to hear tales of adventure and fascinating stories about the wonderful times these dads and daughters have shared. You’ll quickly perceive the special bonds these families have developed over a lifetime in the outdoors.

This Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World Radio episode will air again on Saturday, September 19, 2015 at 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. ET on RURAL SiriusXM Channel 147. .

Each of these daddy/daughter duos is a household name in the hunting industry with a captivating story to tell.  Ben and his daughter Allison have hunted together from Texas to Africa and share a passion for working on behalf of Dallas Safari Club’s membership.

Boddington, one of the most gifted and prolific outdoor writers of all time, and his daughter Brittany, who also writes for many outdoor publications, have traveled the world seeking hunting adventure.

For Eva Shockey, growing up with dad Jim Shockey, professional hunter, outfitter, television producer, and author, meant being outdoors and in front of the camera at an early age. Today she co-hosts "Jim Shockey's Hunting Adventures," and lives the outdoor lifestyle to its fullest.

Each week, Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World upon outdoor experts from across the country, including those within the Bass Pro Shops family.  Guests and Keck, who is the Bass Pro Shops’ director of conservation, and a RedHead pro hunter will provide listeners with the latest information about hunting, fishing and wildlife conservation.

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