Hunting & Fishing Tips: The Basic Life Lessons to Teach Your Kids

News & Tips: Hunting & Fishing Tips: The Basic Life Lessons to Teach Your Kids...

Father and son fishingWhen it comes to hunting and fishing, many of the skills involved—rigging a line, cleaning a gun—can seem specialized, with little application to other aspects of life.

But in fact, teaching your kids the basics of hunting, fishing and camping can not only pass along to them your love for the great outdoors, but also can help to develop character traits, habits and practices that can contribute to a more successful, happy life for your children as they grow.

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Here are nine hunting and fishing skills—as well as life lessons—every mom and dad should teach their sons and daughters.

1. How to Rise Early for Hunting & Fishing

Some of the best hunting and fishing happens early in the morning. Rising early with your kids for an expedition can help shape them into a morning person, a skill that studies show can help them earn more money, be more productive and become healthier over the course of their lives.

2. How to Rig a Fishing Line

Teaching your child to rig a line teaches them that to get to the results they want to in life, they’ll first have to engage in doing some seemingly dull and tedious tasks. 

3. How to Cast a Fishing Line

Properly casting a line can be a tricky mechanical skill to master. Teaching your child this skill can help them develop patience and motor skills that will benefit them the rest of their life.

4. How to Catch and Release Fish

In life, we don’t always get to keep what we acquire. Teaching your child the practice of catch and release is one of the best ways to help them learn this difficult lesson. Additionally, it gives you an opportunity to talk to your child about how ecosystems work, and why catch and release improves native fish populations and lets other fishermen and fisherwomen enjoy the process, while talking about selflessness and sharing at the same time.

5. How to Aim a Gun

From filing taxes to driving, life often requires us to perform tasks with precision. Learning the art of aiming can help kids understand this, while developing concentration and focus in a world where those are becoming rare commodities, because of the prevalence of digital multitasking and distraction.

6. How to Clean a Gun

Taking care of and stewarding our possessions is something we all must learn. There’s no better way to do that than teaching your son or daughter this discipline.

7. How to Come Up Empty-Handed

Sometimes, despite our best planning and efforts in life, we fail. Coming home at the end of a fishing or hunting trip with your child gives you the opportunity to talk through this life reality.

8. How to Share Your Harvest

It’s always beneficial to think of and serve those in our community who have unmet needs. Before your next outing, help your child identify a local family or organization in need, and donate what you’ve harvested.

9. How to Follow Hunting and Fishing Rules and Regulations

Whether it’s obeying the rules of the road or a future employer, life is full of rules and regulations. Helping your child understand the fishing and hunting rules and regulations of your fish and game club, or even your state’s DNR, can help them practice this foundational skill.