Christmas List: Last-Minute Gift Ideas

News & Tips: Christmas List: Last-Minute Gift Ideas...

OK, it's Panic in the Disco. Christmas is almost upon you. I don't want to say that I told you so, but if you'd have listened and used any of the series of Christmas lists I've been publishing lately then you wouldn't be running helter skelter right now. Bad shopper. You'll get a bag of coal this Christmas. I should kick back and drink a cup of coffee and watch you panic but I'll have pity. I'm sure that my wife is out there right now in the midst of all of you procrastinators shopping away.

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Every outdoors enthusiast could use some rain gear.

Lucky for you, there are some items you can quickly pick up to make sure they're wrapped and under the tree, waiting for your favorite outdoorsman — or woman!

  • Knives. Knives are light to ship and you can never have too many. Here are a few top choices:
  • ThermaCELL Heated Insoles. As I put the finishing touches on this article a frigid blast is sweeping across America. Hunters are outdoors and freezing! Heated insoles would be a big hit if he sets in deer blinds, 4-wheels, snowmobiles or does some ice fishing.

  • ThermCELL Mosquito Repellent Unit. Speaking of ThermaCELL, everyone should own one of these units...when someday it warms back up.
  • Knife sharpener. Smith's 6-inch Diamond Stone.

  • Flies. Bass Pro Shops has a big assortment of flies. Talk to an associate and ask them which flies are popular in your locale. Flies are really light weight to ship and you could score big time if you pick the right flies.

  • Rain gear. There's a lot of rain gear on the market. All that I will really trust my life with is either rubber gear or Gore-Tex. And rubber doesn't breathe so Gore-Tex is the best option. It's also light weight.

  • Balaclava. These are really nice to have in your coat pocket in case the weather turns south (actually north) on you.

  • Gloves. Light wool gloves up to heavy duty ones.

  • Fly rods. A 4-piece flyrod would be a home run gift.

  • Hiking socks. You cannot believe how much better your feet will feel in some good hiking socks.

  • Slingshot. A slingshot would be fun to have around camp.

  • Polarized sunglasses. You have to have polarized sunglasses if you're a fisherman. I use clip-ons.

  • Water filters. I use a lot of Aquamira products. I love their filtered straws. They're light weight and easy to carry.

  • Game cameras. Game cameras are wildly popular. I have a Bushnell Trophy Cam HD.

  • RedHead Lens Cleaning Cloth. You need one for your optics.

  • Flashlights. There's a plethora of lightweight flashlights to choose from. I carry two in my pack.

  • Calls. If he's a hunter he probably calls. Bass Pro has elk, deer, varmint, duck, goose, turkey and who knows what other kind of calls. In dead times, I'm always willing to try a new call.

  • Backpacks. What if you used a backpack instead of a stocking and filled it with fishing lures, calls and so forth?

  • Decoys. Montana Decoys makes some light weight decoys.

  • Survival kits. Adventure Medical Kits makes a multitude of kits to choose from.

Whew, thanks to Bass Pro Shops, you dodged the bullet and the tree is full.